Online Slot Rules

Although there are some online casino slots rules that it is important for players to learn, it is possible to being play with having very little knowledge of the game. In order to play a better game and to make better wagering decisions, it would be better to first make sure that you have a basic understanding about how online casino slots operate. While it is better to familiarize yourself with slots rules by reading up about them, another way to become familiar with how a specific game is played is to try out the free practice games that are available at Canadian online casinos. Online casino slot players will find a few different types of slots, which can be divided into a few groups such as classic slots, multi-line slots, multiplier slots and progressive jackpot slots too. Each variation has slightly different rules.

Slots Special Features

While there are few actual rules that can be found in online casino slots games, it is important to understand the different special features, and the symbols that trigger these features, and also that players have an understanding of bonus rounds and free spins. The classic slot games are very simple and do not contain the wild and scatter symbols that are found in other slots.

The wild symbol, which is represented by different icons in each individual slot machine game, can take the place of other symbols in order to help players have more winning combinations. While there are exceptions to the rule, in most slot games, the wild cannot substitute for a scatter symbol, but can substitute for all other symbols. The scatter symbol is also represented by an icon from the symbols used in the slot game. Scatters are very important symbols because they are usually the symbols that are used to trigger other special feature or special payouts. These special features could include second screen bonus games and free spins features.

Bonus Games and Free Spins

When an online casino slot game offers players a bonus game, it will be triggered, usually by scatter symbols, during the main game. Each bonus game comes with its own rules, and while some are very simple, others can be more complex. Free spins are a popular addition to video slot games. After the free spins are triggered, players will get the chance to spin the reels according to the number of free spins that have been awarded. Some slots will allow free spins to be retriggered, while others will not. Free spins often come with multipliers, which multiply the size of the payout.

How to Play Slots

While the rules of slots change from one game to another, and there is not a set of rules such as can be found in blackjack or in some other online casino game, there are some basic guidelines that will be helpful for players to know. Players first need to select which online casino game they wish to play. After that, the player chooses the size or their wager, or the coin denomination, and how many paylines they would like to place their wager on. Once this decision has been made, the player will use the slot’s interface to choose the coin sizes and the paylines. When a player wants to bet the maximum bet per spin, and the maximum number of paylines, they need to pick the max bet button and this will be done automatically. The highest slots payouts will only be paid out when the maximum wager is played. Once the player has made these decisions, in order to get started, the player will need to press the spin button, then sit back, watch the reels spin, repeat this process, and wait for a winning combination or for a special feature to be triggered. Some slots allow players to use auto play, which means that the casino software will spin the reels for the player.