Multi-line Slots

There are a number of different types of online casino slot games. Players will hear a lot of slots-related terms around, such as video slots, single line slots, multiline slots, classic slots, paylines, free spins, multipliers, 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, and more. When it comes down to it, however, there are some slots basics that, once understood, will demystify this fun and easy online casino game. When it comes to understanding what multiline slots are, the Excellent Slots Academy is here to clearly and simply explain this slots term.

What is a Multi-line Slot?

In order to understand what a multiline slot is, it is important to understand what a single line slot is. Way back when people thought of slots, they would think of the classic slot machine games that were found in land-based casinos. These slots were played by pulling down an arm, and were even known as one-armed bandits, which would spin the reels and players would see whether they had won or not. These slot machine games were single line slots, where players would see whether they had a combination across a single payline that was found in a straight line across the centre of the reels. Multline slots are simply slots that have more than one potential payout line that can be won on each spin.

Multi-line Slots Winning Combinations

The winning combinations in mutliline slots can be in a straight line, diagonal, or even a jagged line that goes through various symbols. Some slots will only pay combinations that go from the left to the right, while others will pay out winning combinations in both directions. The paylines are predetermined for each slot machine game you might wish to play, and the online slots software will notify the player when a winning payline has been hit. In many mutliline slots, there can be between about five and 50 paylines, although most multiline slot games average at around 20 or 25 paylines. The more paylines there are, the greater the chance is that players will hit winning combinations.

Paylines in Multi-line Slots

Once a player has a better grasp on what mutline slots are, and the features that are available in these slots, they will be able to make more informed wagering choices. For example, when a player bets the maximum bet, they may have placed a larger bet, but the chances of a payout are greater, and the payouts for certain combinations will also be higher. Players do not, however, have to choose the maximum bet. When playing the maximum bet, a player is selecting all the paylines that are available. Players can make a choice to select less paylines. For example, if a slot has 20 paylines, a player can choose to only play 10 paylines. The player will place a smaller wager, and will only win if one of the selected paylines is hit. If one of the other paylines is hit, the player will receive no payout.

Try Out Multi-line Slots as Free Games

For those who are only familiar with slots that come with single paylines, or are not at all familiar with slots, it may look somewhat confusing that there are multiple paylines in modern day slots. There is nothing, however, to be confused about since the online casino software does all the work for you and players simply need to make their wagering decisions and then push the spin button. For those who wish to try out multline slots, one of the best ways to do so is to play free, or practice, slot games that are available at almost all online casinos. These practice games give Canadian slots players the chance to practice their online slots betting skills, and to try out bonus games, and generally help players to get a better understanding of how slots work and the special features that are available in multiline slots. Slots practice games can be played by both veteran and new slots players.