Classic Slots

slots are the three reel slot games that are reminiscent of the original slots that were played on the very first slot machines. The original three reeled classic slot games came with slots symbols such as bars, cherries, lemons, and playing cards. In almost all 3 reel classic slot games, there is only a single payline that goes across the middle of the reels. Some classic slots will offer other paylines, with perhaps 3 or 5 paylines available. Three paylines would have three horizontal payline options, and when there are five paylines, it would include the three horizontal lines, and two diagonal lines from the top left corner to the bottom right hand corner, and from the bottom left corner to the top right hand corner.

Back to Basics with Classic Slots

It may be impossible to get the exact look and feel of delight as you pull the lever of the one armed bandit and a whole lot of coins begin to spill out of the slot machine in front of you, but the classic slots that can be found online are sure to remind players of just that moment. With great sound effects and similar symbols to the classic slot games that used to be played in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos offer Canadian players an Excellent Slots experience. Some classic slots even include the lever of the one armed bandit machines to give players even more of the feel of standing in front of a classic slots game. Classic slots are the most simple of the slots games available, and while they may be simple, they are still incredibly popular.

Advantages of Playing Classic or 3-Reel Slots

New online casino players may feel somewhat overwhelmed when they see how advanced online casino video slots can be with a larger number of winning combinations, bonus games, and a large number of other special features, video clips, and more. In order to ease into online casino slots games, players may wish to begin with the more simple classic slots games before moving onto the more common video slot games. This gives players a chance to see how the online casino works, and how the slots betting should be done. Not only will new players benefit from classic slots, veteran players will also benefit from these slots games. Sometimes players want to play for just a few minutes, and do not want to get involved in playing a slots game for some time. Playing classic slots is a great way to take a break for a few minutes because you will not find yourself in the middle of a bonus game or a long free spins round when you need to be elsewhere. Classic slots are also great for those who are playing on smaller budgets since they can usually be played for one smaller coin per spin.

How to Play Classic Slots

While it is fairly easy to learn to play almost all slot machine games, classic slots are even more straight forward than other slot games. Players simply need to decide on their bet before they send the wheels spinning, and can choose from Bet One or Bet Max, which means either a single coin bet, or a maximum coin bet. In the case of most classic slot games, there is only one payline, which means that it is only possible to place a wager on a single payline. When there is more than one payline, players should select the number of playlines they wish to play, and in many slots, players can choose which paylines they want. Once the wager has been placed, the player will click on the spin button and the reels will begin to spin. When the reels stop spinning, players will see if a winning payline has appeared, and if it has, the player will see their online casino credits increasing.